Asian Youth Chess Championship 2018

Asian Youth Chess
Championship 2018


1st to 10th April 2018

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew, Chiangmai, Thailand

Thailand Chess Association (TCA)in cooperation with Bangapi Chess Club on behalf of the, under Asian Chess Federation (ACF) have the honour to officially invite all Asian national chess federations to participate in the 2018

Asian Youth Chess Championship and Asian Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships, which will be held in Chiangmai, Thailand. This event will be held from 31st March (arrival) to 10th April (departure)



1. Entitled player must not have reached his/her birthday, respectively, before January 1st, 2018:

Under 8: Born on or after 1st January 2010 Under 14: Born on or after 1st January 2004
Under 10: Born on or after 1st January 2008 Under 16: Born on or after 1st January 2002
Under 12: Born on or after 1st January 2006 Under 18: Born on or after 1st January 2000

2. Every Asian National Chess Federation can register one official player in each category (under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 years old, Open and Girls) totaling a maximum of 12 invited players. No replacement from other categories can be made in case there is no official player in one category.

Other than Official Players, players shall be classified as Additional Players.

3. All persons, other than players, shall be classified as Accompanying Persons. A federation may register any number of Additional Players and Accompanying Persons. The National Federation shall be responsible for the costs of their Additional Players and Accompanying Persons.

4. The players placed 1-3 in the in the categories under 8 - 18 of 2017 AYCC shall be Official Players and have the personal right to participate in the Championship of the corresponding age-category or a higher age-category if the stipulation of Art. 1 is met. This privilege may be exercised once exclusively in the subsequent year following the year of qualification. This privilege shall be optional for organizers next year.

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มหกรรมการแข่งขันหมากรุกเยาวชนชิงแชมป์เอเชีย ประจำปี 2561
ระหว่างวันที่ 1-10 เมษายน 2561 เชียงใหม่ ประเทศไทย

Special Guest

Blindfold King

April 7 : 5.30-7.30pm Blindfold Blitz & Rapid
April 8 : 9.00am Blindfold Match with clocks up to 12 participants

Timur Gareyev is a chess grandmaster originally from Uzbekistan. He has held the rank of 3rd highest rated chess player in the US and top 100 players in the world with a peak USCF rating of 2780. He is best known for his exceptional Blindfold Chess playing ability. Blindfold Chess is a form of chess play where a player has no sight of the chess board or the positions of the pieces on the board.




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