10 Facts about Chess in Korea

Korea Chess Association (KCA) Managing Officer Song Jinwoo is here at the Asian Youth Championships as Head of Delegation and shared 10 Facts about Chess in Korea with us:

  1. It was just 12 years ago, in 2006, that KCA became a member of FIDE!
  2. Today KCA has a total of 1,000 players with a FIDE ID of which 400 are active and with a FIDE Rating.
  3. Chess has enjoying a boom in the last two years and KCA is expecting 1,000 FIDE rated players in 2020.
  4. International Asian Youth Championships have now been held in 2015 (Asian Youth Championships) and 2016 (East Asian Youth Championships) and Korea will be hosting the East Asian Junior Junior Championships later this year.
  5. However, the main chess activity for the competitive players, besides the national championships, is currently the Club League with 32 teams in four divisions held twice a year.
  6. KCA with the organising of the World Mind Sports Games and Mind Sports Games Fair since 2013 has long had a showcase for the promotion of chess in Korea.
  7. But it is Korea’s “after schools program”, in Seoul and surrounding areas, that has resulted in many young players are taking up chess.
  8. As a result, there are an estimated 300 chess teachers now involved in this education department initiative with supply unable to keep up with demand!
  9. The international outlook by Koreans today is choosing the global game of chess over older traditional games.
  10. KCA’s dream is to host the next available World Chess Olympiad!