A Chat with Indonesia’s Samantha Edithso

10 year old Samantha Edithso is considered to be one of the brightest young talents to emerge from Indonesia in recent years.

In the Asian Youth Championships Rapid chess competition, Samantha, playing in girls U-10, dominated the field on the way to Gold.

We sat down to have a short chat with a very assured and articulate young lady who clearly does not lack confidence.

Q: When did you start playing chess?
A: I learned tbe moves at 5 when I had to choose between chess and futsal in school as my co-curriculum activity on Mondays. Within three months I became champion and from then on have found myself to be always the youngest competitor.

Q: Why do you play chess and what do like about chess?
A: I like solving puzzles. It is what I do, my other interests include sketching and of courae I like travelling to other countres and get new experiences.

Q: What would you consider to be your greatest achievement to date in chess? The Gold medal you just won?
A: I remember best the Selangor Open Championship in Malaysia last year when I got my first rating of 2031. It has however dropped quite a bit since then (It is currently 1777) but I am aiming this year to get to 2200 and to become a WIM (Woman International Master).

With that we had to let Samantha go to have her lunch and to prepare for her next game.


(Samantha is well supported by long time Indonesian chess patron Eka Wirya Putra who despite his very busy schedule, flew in to encourage their representatives.)

 (Here, Samantha is going over her game with Head of Delegation Kristianus Liem).