After three rounds of Standard Chess

After three rounds of play, one third of the way, the early leaders with a perfect 3/3 in the higher age-group categories are FM Miciano John Marvin from the Philippines in Open U-18, WIM Askansha Hagawane and WFM Arpita Mukherjee from India in Girls U-18, WFM Mahdian Anousha from Iran in Girls U-16, CM Kushagra Mohan from India and Dao Minh Nhat from Vietnam in Open U-14, Jain Nityata from India, Nguyen Thien Ngan from Vietnam and WCM Khegay Yuliya from Uzbekistan in Girls U-14.

The leaders in Open U-16, but on 2.5/3, are Sankalp Guptan, Raahul V S, and Vatsal Singhania from India, CM Subrota Biswas from Bangladesh, FM Al Hosani Omran from UAE, FM Piyumantha M Sasith Nipun from Sri Lanka, Concio Michael Jr. from the Philippines and Abdikhair Abilmansur from Kazakstan.

In the lower age-group categories, also perfect are CM Gukesh D from India, Daneshvar Bardiya from Iran, CM Nguyen Quoc Hy from Vietnam, CM Deng Yu Song Michael from Hong Kong, Bacojo Mark Jay from Philippines and Guo Xian from China in Open U-12, WCM Omonova Umida from Uzbekistan, Savitha Shri B, Velpola Sarayu and Boramanikar Tanisha S from India and WCM Nguyen Le Cam Hien from Vietnam in Girls U-12, Kadam Om Maish from India, Li Shanglin, Liu Mide and Jin Yueheng from China, Dang Anh Minh from Vietnam and Anand Batsukh from Mongolia in Open U-10, WCM Chen Yining and Long Aozue from China and Ngiyen Ha Kanh Linh and Vu My Linh from Vietnam  in Girls U-10, CM Manon Reja Neer from Bangladesh, Chen Zhiyuan and Zhang Xican from China, Adireddy Arjun from India, Samatthanan Theerath from Thailand and Jalalvand Amir Hesam from Iran in Open U-8, and Enkhuyanga Gantsolmon from Mongolia, Huynh Phuc Minh Phuong and Nguyen Thanh Thuy from Vietnam and WCM Shriyana S Mallya from India in Girls U-8.

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