With two rounds to go

In Open U-18, FM Miciano John Marvin from the Philippines on 6/7 is a point clear and in Girls U-18, Yang Yijing from China on the same score is half a point ahead while in Open U-16, Vatsal Singhania from India is also on 6/7 and a point clear and in Girls U-16, WFM Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong from Vietnam has 5.5/7 which is good enough for a half point lead.

In Open U-14 CM Kushagra Mohan and FM Raja Rithvik R, both from India, share the lead with 6/7 and in Girls U-14, WCM Jyothsna L from India is on 5.5.7 for a half point lead.

In Open U-12, CM Gukesh D from India is on 6.5/7 for a half point lead and in Girls U-12, WCM Nguyen Le Cam Hien from Vietnam with the same score has a full point lead while in Open U-10, Kadam Om Manesh from India, also on 6.5/7 has a half point lead and in Girls U-10, Nguyen Ha Khanh Linh from Vietnam with 6.5/7 has a one and a half point lead.

In Open U-8, Chen Zhiyuan from China is on 6.5/7 and has a one point lead and in Girls U-8, there are four leaders in Enkhuyanga Gantsolmon from Mongolia, Dang Le Xuan Hien and Huynh Phuc Pinh Phuong from Vietnam and Sezdbekova Aizhan from Kazaksatan, all on 5.5/7.